Robyn Cage


The flame-haired songstress creates dark and dreamy alternative/pop, which has garnered favorable comparisons to Adele, Lana Del Rey, and Florence + The Machine. Her artistry, however, is singular. Robyn’s pristine vocals shift deftly from smoldering low tones skyward to soaring high notes, and her poetic and storytelling lyrics transport listeners to another realm.  

Robyn currently resides in the mountain town of Park City, Utah, and has enthralled audiences nationwide, from Boston’s Symphony Hall to thousands at outdoor festivals, to the prestigious singer-songwriter circuit in NYC. Robyn’s debut album Born in the Desert won the Utah Music Award for Best Alternative, was named one of the 35 Top Albums of 2015 by Im Music Magazine, and topped the list of 25 Best New Music Critiques of 2015 by Music Connection Magazine.

Now Robyn is preparing to release her second full-length album, Slow The Devil. The album is quintessentially Robyn Cage — a collection of songs about Demons, Dreams, and Duality, featuring her emotive vocals over lush soundscapes.

Only Slow The Devil wasn’t the album she expected to make.

“Last Spring, I spent a week alone camping in the remote red rock desert of Southern Utah. No internet, no cell phone service, and not a soul for miles,” she shares. “It was magical. Songs poured out of me, starting with this optimistic ukulele tune called “Flying Machine.”

However, shortly after returning home she could feel that something had changed. The hot summer days felt colder as the climate of her country became increasingly charged with negativity. “The atmosphere of divisiveness and fear found its way into the music,” she explains.

Then one morning, she woke up with a song in her head. “Slow The Devil” was “a gift from the songwriting gods, and the closest thing I’ve ever written to a protest song,” she says. “I realized that music was helping me through these dark times.”

While Born in the Desert is an ode to self-expression and loving what makes you different, Slow The Devil is a call for Unity and loving what makes others different. “I don’t believe that ‘Unity’ means we should all be the same. For me, unity is about celebrating diversity,” Robyn shares.

Robyn knew it was going to take a gifted and adventurous producer to fully bring this music to life. Blending electronic and organic instrumentation, producer Caleb Loveless crafted tracks that range from beautifully intimate to majestically epic. The album is a journey, beginning with the call to arms of “Slow The Devil,” to the battle cries of “This Means War,” the bleak aftermath of “Fallout,” and bringing us all back together in the healing harmonies of “Bit By Bit.”

“My hope in sharing this music is to help foster a sense of community and connection, by exploring our darker emotions, and through this process, find solace and reconciliation.”

Slow The Devil is truly an album about stepping out of the darkness and back into the light.

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